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Cinema 4D plug-in: Tutorial

Author: kieran
Publication: 27/10/2010
Category: Cinema 4D - Type: Tutorial
Comment: With audio

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chalkman 29/11/2010 17:01:23
Thanks Kieran! Excellent tutorial, keep em coming. ; >) Cheers, david
Flashgiz 17/10/2011 00:48:13
I am sorry but this tutorial is far from being excellent.
I appreciate the effort but the fact that this tutorial was recorded on such a high res deprived us from actually really see what is going on and where the pointer is clicking. you should try recording the tutorial on a 1024x768 resolution that way it would be clearer. if you insists of recording it on high resolution you should at least be more coherent about what you are doing where exactly are you clicking and what parameters you are inserting and where....
sorry for being so critical but those are important facts for recording a good clear and user friendly tutorial.
NL Team 18/10/2011 10:46:59
Dear Flashgiz,

Thank you for your comment - we will pass it on to Kieran from "I Speak In Pictures"