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Dynamic Objects and Particle Interaction

Author: NL Team
Publication: 15/06/2010
Category: Basic Workflows - Type: Tutorial

Dynamic Objects and Particle Interaction

When an emitter or object is added to a scene with a RealWave surface, you’ll notice a new panel under Node Params, called “RW Particle Interaction”, respectively “Realwave”. This set of parameters controls the entire interaction between the particles and the ocean surface. Bodies and particles have the ability to create secondary small waves, just as in real life where splashes produce ripples on water surfaces. You can control everything from impact strength to wave speed with these settings. When particles interact with a surface they can also contribute to a foam map.

For the interaction with dynamic bodies, the appropriate feature has to enabled under the object’s node settings first. Additionally the (rigid) body should be made moveable, otherwise only static interactions, like wave reflections, are possible:

Node Params > Node > Dynamics > Rigid body / Soft body
Node Params > Rigid body > Dyn Motion > Yes

Finally you have to adjust the appropriate RealWave parameters of the currently selected object. This panel is only visible with a RealWave surface in your scene and contains all necessary settings, including the option to generate foam maps:

Node Params > Realwave

Another method is the usage of particles to create small ripples or fine surface structures. In combination with RealWave, particles act like small objects causing more or less strong impacts disturbing the and displacing the mesh. Similar to rigid bodies, emitters also have an individual RealWave panel:

Node Params > RW Particle Interaction

Rain drops from particles on a RealWave mesh

Rigid/soft bodies and emitters (particles) share some parameters, for example wave speed and texture strength. In the same way as with rigid bodies, the RW Particle Interaction panel is only visible with an already existing RealWave node. Additionally, there are two extra emitters that will only work in connection with a RealWave object:

  • Object splash (see Related Tutorials below)
  • Crest splash (see Related Tutorials below)
The individual settings and their meanings for rigid/soft bodies are explained in detail starting on Related Tutorials below. The emitter-based settings can be found on The Particles Panel (see Related Tutorials below).